Access your files anywhere, any time

Looking to migrate your existing documents and files to Office 365? We can help.

Whether you're running a small business or part of a larger corporation, migrating to a new system can be difficult. Our team at handles everything for you and are here to ensure your internet connection is as fast as possible so you can fully utilize Office365 and all of it's features.

Office365Migration utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring our customers a super fast internet connection.

Office 365 software requires a stable internet connection to function at it's full potential. Our network engineers have been helping Australian businesses achieve super fast internet speeds at an affordable rate for years. Below are just a few of the methods we utilize to ensure that your migration to the cloud goes smoothly.

Just a handful of fantastic features

Office 365 makes life easier. With the right knowledge and setup, workplace productivity will go through the roof.
Office 365 is designed with usability in mind. Contact one of our experts and discover how you can make the move to today.

Real-time Collaboration

Have multiple people work on the same document, seeing updates in real-time.


Go Mobile

Work on the go with the Office 365 app for your phone or tablet.


Cloud Storage

Each account gets access to 1TB of online storage for your pictures & documents.


Skype For Business

Hold conference calls and share your screen while working on a document.


Office 365 for Business has been helping businesses move their daily routines to the cloud, allowing for a more efficient workflow. No matter how you look at it, technology is advancing quickly and you need to make sure you and your business advance with it.

The powerful and flexible features of Office 365 can enhance the workflow of a business and give you an edge over the competition.

Double Your Internet Speeds

Making the move to the cloud adds extra speed requirements to your office internet connection. If you are thinking about migrating to Office 365 we can double your internet speeds to ensure the best possible experience.

We will also monitor your new internet connection so that we can act quickly if there are ever any issues. Never deal with your ISP again, our customer service team will contact your provider on your behalf and have all issues resolved while you focus on more important things.

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